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Thursday, April 10, 2008

This blog is now on hiatus. I am going to design something new to get away from the blogger template. I'm also going to expand the content covered & sort of spend a little more time reviewing/writing. In the end, I hope to develop something interesting that will actually be valuable. cheers

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Six Masters of Guitar & Six of Their Cosmic Albums

Jack Rose I Do Play Rock And Roll (three lobed recordings) 2008

During the 90's, Jack performed with the psychedelic drone band called Pelt. His solo records demonstrate his superb grasp on composition and finger picking. This is a brand new album only available through Three Lobed's Oscillation III record mailing. The first two tracks are great compositions that showcase Jack's guitar playing while the last track sounds reminds me of Pelt.

"I Do Play Rock and Roll is [Jack's] first complete album of live material." - from the label

Sir Richard Bishop While My Guitar Violently Bleeds (Locust) 2007

"This is an essential document by one of America's most original and inventive unaccompanied guitaristsworking today. While My Guitar Violently Bleeds is a splendid three piece gem in which the good Sir branches out & nods to points west, east & otherworldly. Classic spaghetti western tinged spidery fretwork(“Zurvan”), Fushitsusha style feedback drenched psych decay (“Smashana”) and a brilliant lengthy raga epic (“Mahavidya”) round out the proceedings by the Sun City Girls master musician." - from the label

Check out his radio playlist / live performances on WFMU here
There is also an interesting interview by our friends at Digitalis Industries here

Robbie Basho The Seal Of The Blue Lotus (Takoma) 1965

Robbie Basho probably would have been an excellent blues guitar player, but once he heard the Indian ragas of Ravi Shankar, he was awe struck. He is one of the first American guitar players to so successfully marry his guitar playing with "world music" influences. This is his first album. It is a complex album with a constantly changing mood & rhythm connecting everything together.

more here

John Fahey Death Chants, Break Downs, & Military Waltzes (Takoma) 1963/1967

John Fahey was the pioneer to use the steel stringed guitar as a solo instrument. His style combines inspiration from all kinds of world music with a love for American folk music & invention. This album was originally recorded in '63 and then mostly rerecorded in '67. The music is grandly emotional & the technique is awe-inspiring. Beautiful compositions.

Fahey's website here

Sandy Bull Fantasias For Guitar & Banjo (Vanguard) 1963

A blending elements of jazz, folk, classical, Indian, and even gospel that is infinitely hypnotic. This is one of my favorite records of all time. The guitar & drums create a haunting rhythm on Blend & Gospel Time that transcends genres. Sandy's Banjo playing is fantastic too. Waaaaay ahead of its time.

Bert Jansch eponymous (Transatlantic) 1965

Bert is a thrilling musician with impeccable taste. Here, his first solo record, Bert plays blues and folk. He reveals his excellent guitar playing, song writing, and vocal ability. Again, the guitar playing blends jazz, folk, and blues to create something psychedelic. He went on to play with the extremely influential Pentangle, a popular Biritish folk/rock band, and continues to put out records to this day.

website here

Friday, February 29, 2008

Bobb Trimble & His Premonitions

This is one of those close-to-perfect records that can put everyone listening to it in a great mood and stimulate interesting conversation. Just as easily, Bobb can also put you in a terrible, pessimistic mood if you're at home alone with a six pack of Shlitz and its raining outside. Of course, these are universal signs of a wonderful record.
The effects on the record coupled with Bobb's almost falsetto vocals and the weird field-recording sounds (even a track of silence) creates a completely different world. It isn't really just a psychedelic record or a folk record or anything easily definable...the record succeeds in its striking originality.

Check the record out here

Bobb's myspace page

You can buy the record along with Iron Curtain Innocence (excellent) at Aquarius Records.
Just type bobb trimble in the search box and voila. They've written a nice review too.